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Advertising Drive by Jae
Jun 5, 2020 12:11:45 GMT
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Legendary Pokemon by Taya
Jun 2, 2020 15:16:01 GMT

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New character bios are posted here for approval! Approved bios are stored inside the sub-boards within.
Service Pokemon Registration by Nikolai Laska
Jun 5, 2020 11:04:38 GMT
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Jun 5, 2020 4:30:02 GMT
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May 30, 2020 23:24:45 GMT


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Jun 4, 2020 20:30:11 GMT
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Pokemon Center

Shops to spend your OOC Gems, convert shards and gems found while mining into prizes, adopt Pokemon, and more can be found here.
Yuukz's Trades and Whatnots by Azur Schild
Jun 5, 2020 12:22:32 GMT
The bulk of Arciel's farms are found in either Cherry Town or Fuji Town. However, for ease of tracking, player farms OOCly are located here!
Asteria Acres by Jae
Jun 5, 2020 12:03:35 GMT
Here, you can take on various Jobs and Quests to earn money and cool rewards for your characters and their Pokemon.
The reQuest Board by SG
May 13, 2020 15:19:57 GMT
The Training Grounds are a place to tackle training, off-route, with no risk to your Pokemon. Whether it's trying to learn new moves, bonding as a team, or trying to level up, the Training Grounds are the place to be.
Who Let The Dogs Out? by Ettie Carnall
Jun 5, 2020 2:22:43 GMT
Here, you can keep track of everything to do with your Secret Bases!
Adi's Hidden Alcove [Secret Base] by Jenesis
Jun 2, 2020 4:29:31 GMT
If you're looking to cook or craft items, step inside!
The Cookbook and Kitchen by Jenesis
Jun 1, 2020 15:43:37 GMT
Here, you may breed your Pokemon to get new eggs. The Daycare owners will also help you hatch your eggs, with time and a small fee, if you so desire!
Yuukz's Town of Beginning by Jae
Jun 5, 2020 12:00:51 GMT
Regional Contests and all Showcases are held here. Events held in this board are accessible to everyone regardless of IC location.
May 2020 Showcase by SG
May 29, 2020 23:38:21 GMT
A wealthy philanthropist has set up this garden in an effort to bring people together and find good homes for their many bred Pokemon. All Pokemon within are Special colors, and stock rotates once a month. Characters may always access the garden regardless of route access. Characters get one free catch per month, and then can pay 100 Pen per catch to catch up to 3 more encounters.
June Stock by Jae
May 31, 2020 12:31:33 GMT
Gachas and more can be found here.
Wonder Trade by Elizabeth "Liz" Waters
Jun 5, 2020 12:26:21 GMT

West Arciel

Birch is the second-largest city in Arciel and home to Professor Holly's lab. Birch is a beautiful city with a love of nature, emphasized by its world-renowned Botanical Gardens as well as plenty of plant life in roof and wall gardens and various parks throughout the city.
Everything is Pulse-ible by Sonia Antoni
Jun 5, 2020 5:29:09 GMT
Route 1 runs north from Birch to Cedar. It is comprised of gently rolling hills and plains with a beach running down its west side, and small estuaries and rivers litter the countryside. Small pockets of trees can be found here and there, and large rocky outcroppings are scattered about as well, both helping break up what is otherwise a very open landscape.

Habitats: Grassland, Waterfront, Beach, Ocean
Eevee Swarm by Elayne
Jun 5, 2020 3:24:39 GMT
A small but somewhat upscale town, Cedar is built largely on stilts over the beaches of Arciel. It is a prime tourist destination, and much of the town is dedicated to various resorts and hotels, although more traditional residential areas do exist as well.
[Race Day] Cedar Park - Slim Line by Josh Devlin
May 28, 2020 0:35:51 GMT
Route 2 runs north from Cedar to Bass. It is very similar geographically to Route 1, mostly rolling plains with some beaches, rivers, and scattered rocks and trees. However, it is a little more populated, with occasional little neighborhoods dotting the landscape.

Habitats: Grassland, Waterfront, Beach, Ocean, Urban
In a Hurry || by Elizabeth "Eliza" Joan
Jun 5, 2020 13:51:51 GMT
The third largest city in Arciel, Bass is the entertainment center of the region. Bright lights, city sounds, and a bustling night life are all staples here. The city is known for producing many musicians especially, and hosts many concerts, but other arts such as theater and visual arts are also celebrated here. It is also home to the Water Gym.
Between An Egg And A Hard Place by Andrew Wynn
Jun 5, 2020 15:16:06 GMT
Route 3 leads west across the sea from Bass to Plum, which is situated on a large island. One can take the ferry for free every hour on the hour from morning til evening, or one can take a Ride Pokemon. There are a number of tiny mini-islands along the way if you need a rest stop.

Habitats: Ocean
Frolicking Across the Waves by Azur Schild
Jun 5, 2020 15:02:34 GMT
Arciel's capital and largest city, Plum is a tightly packed metro area filled with skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and people too busy for you. They don't mean anything by it, the city is just always on the go. Of course, such a large and chaotic place has its share of crime, and it is rumored Chimera's HQ is somewhere in the dark underbelly of Plum. Plum is home to the Dark Gym.
Route 4 runs south of Plum to Cherry Town on the far end of the island. The route is fairly wooded with many forest-dwelling Pokemon, as well as having quite a few wandering down from the city. Of course, if you head far enough to either side, you will hit the beach, and beach-dwelling Pokemon occasionally wander further inland.

Habitats: Forest, Woodland, Urban, Beach
Out in the Storm by whimsae
Jun 3, 2020 22:43:16 GMT
On the southern end of Plum Island lies Cherry Town, a quaint little farming community surrounded by orchards. It is a sleepy, quiet little town full of kind and friendly people, a sharp contrast from the city just to its north. Cherry produces a large amount of Arciel's local produce.
Chilly Greetings by Jenesis
Jun 1, 2020 15:46:38 GMT
Route 5 runs north of Bass up to Ivy Island. It is a bit longer route than 3, and the ferry doesn't run quite as consistently, but it is still free. Aside from that, the two routes are very similar.

Habitats: Ocean
Or So The Story Told by SG
Jun 4, 2020 0:26:39 GMT
Ivy Town is not quite a city, but one of the larger towns in Arciel. It is known primarily for its esteemed university, its observatory, and its extensive libraries. A hub for researchers and scholars, Ivy is the place to be if you thirst for knowledge and want to reach for the stars.
Happy To See Me? by Juni Savage
May 30, 2020 23:25:52 GMT
Running southeast of Birch to Pine Town, Route 6 combines the grassy rolling hills and scattered rivers of northern routes with rougher rocky terrain as it heads south toward the mountains.

Habitats: Grassland, Meadow, Savannah, Waterfront, Rough
Striking Out by Jenesis
Jun 4, 2020 16:22:21 GMT
Pine Town is a rugged mining community with a tough work ethic and tougher citizens. They may seem surly at first glance, but if they accept you as one of their own, you'll find the town a much more welcoming place. The miners protect what's theirs, be it precious gems or friends and family.
The longest route in Arciel, Route 7 runs east from Birch to the Weeping Forest and eventually to Ash. It is quite rugged as it heads up into the mountains. Fortunately, the path is cut very clean for travelers, as it is the main path to East Arciel, so it doesn't take as long as one might think to travel.

Habitats: Grassland, Meadow, Rough, Mountain
Rushing Forward, Take 1 by Liam Odhrán
Jun 5, 2020 5:20:51 GMT
A dense forest that lies on the road between West and East Arciel, the Weeping Forest is not too rough to travel through as long as one stays on the main path. Wander too far off it, however, and one could get lost in the dense foliage. It connects Route 7 to Ash City.

Habitats: Forest, Woodland, Rough, Mountain
Broadening Horizon Part: Whatever by SG
Jun 5, 2020 11:17:01 GMT
Long ago, a massive cargo ship was wrecked on a coral reef off the coast of West Arciel, between Cherry Town and Cedar Town. The ruins still stand, half-sunken, and are said to be haunted if not cursed. Ferry crews refuse to sail through the area, meaning you will need a Pokemon that is Surf- or Fly-trained to reach the ship. It is dangerous, and automatically Injury-enabled and Moddable.

Upon arrival, you find it eerily quiet. Pokemon are scarce, and as such you cannot do a Journey thread here, only a Discovery or a (potentially Mod-cursed) Social. What Pokemon are around seem to be mostly sea-dwelling ghosts, Dhelmise, Frillish, Cursola, and the like, though there are occasional other sea-dwellers as well. Was that a Krabby with a knife just now? You shake your head. You must be seeing things. Best not to stay for too long!
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East Arciel

The industrial hub of Arciel, this city is home to all sorts of technological advancements as well as more traditional crafts and trades. Ash is named for the black snow that falls in winter due to the Grumble Volcano to its north. It is home to the Fire Gym.
Heading north from Ash is Route 8. The route branches three ways after a while. To the northwest one will find large cliffs that contain the Moonrise Ruins. To the northeast the path heads to Fuji Town. Finally, due north is Grumble Volcano. Pokemon sometimes wander down from the volcano into the route.

Habitats: Volcano, Mountain, Rough, Arid
Neighborhood Adventuring by Elayne
Jun 5, 2020 1:57:57 GMT
On the cliffs to the northwest of Route 8 and west of Grumble Volcano, one will find the Moonrise Ruins. The crumbling architecture seems to have once been quite beautiful, and many pools of water are scattered around the area. Theories of what the ruins once were range from a primitive observatory to a place of worship, but either way it certainly had to do with the moon.

Habitats: Waterfront, Freshwater, Rough, Mountain
The Sun and the Moon by bone
Jun 4, 2020 2:56:32 GMT
North of the Moonrise Ruins, one will find the Voiceless Caverns, named for their mysterious property of absorbing all sound. It is so quiet one can barely hear one's own footsteps, and a companion more than 10 feet away cannot be heard at all. Be sure to take alternate means of communication! This is a Wild Area, and automatically Tag- and Injury-enabled.

Habitats: Cave, Rough, Mountain
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Arciel's only volcano is semi-active, but generally not very destructive and open to hikers when there are no signs of seismic activity. There are many small caves on its face. It is home to many Pokemon who prefer the heat.

Habitats: Volcano, Cave, Arid
The Bowels of Death Mountain by SG
Jun 2, 2020 2:42:09 GMT
One of Arciel's main farming towns, Fuji is surrounded and filled by farms and orchards. The actual town limits are wider than one would expect for such a population, being spread wide by all the farmland. The town is home to a Contest Hall.
A Link to the Past (And Future) by bone
Jun 4, 2020 23:28:13 GMT
Heading north from Fuji to Cork Town is Route 9. The route is very fertile due to the nearby volcano, and many of the orchards from Fuji as well as wilder trees continue out along the path.

Habitats: Forest, Meadow, Woodland
A Foxy Trek by Josh Devlin
Jun 5, 2020 1:54:38 GMT
The farthest north town south of North Arciel, Cork is a small town surrounded by vineyards and known for its famous winery. It is home to the Poison Gym.
Cork Town Gym by SG
Nov 15, 2019 0:52:38 GMT
Built as a shortcut from Ash to Maple, Cycling Road is a large bridge built above the terrain. As such, few if any wild Pokemon are found here, but there are many trainers and occasionally one will find dropped items. A bike is required to travel this road; Ride Pokemon are no substitution. If one doesn't have a bike, one can rent one at either end of the road.
Cycling on Through by yuukz
Jun 5, 2020 5:14:41 GMT
The largest city in East Arciel, Maple is a thriving urban paradise that, much like Birch, aims to incorporate nature into its city layout and architecture. Wall and roof gardens are commonplace. The city is home to the Grass Gym.
Maple City Gym by SG
May 6, 2020 3:59:21 GMT
This forest stretches over a huge swath of East Arciel, but the only reliable path to enter safely heads northeast from Maple. The trees start out large in the southern sections but grow positively gigantic farther north. Giant Pokemon, much larger than even the Huge variants some trainers have, roam the northern forest guarding the Golden Tree. This is a Wild Area, and is automatically Tag- and Injury-Enabled.

Habitats: Forest, Woodland, Jungle
A Different Type of Gold by Elayne
Jun 5, 2020 2:36:46 GMT
Route 10 heads southeast out of Ash to Outpost Alpha. It is largely flat dry plains, although there are a few little neighborhoods scattered here and there especially closer to Ash, and there are a few scattered trees as well.

Habitats: Urban, Savannah, Meadow, Arid
Taking the Long Way to Journey by SG
Jun 5, 2020 11:23:20 GMT
Once a mere Ranger outpost, this area has developed into a small village, but not quite a full town. It primarily serves as a rest stop between Routes 10 and 11. The people are typically friendly, though, willing to help passing strangers or pay strangers for their help with tasks.
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Route 11 continues southeast from Outpost Alpha to Hickory Town. Like Route 10, it is largely dry plains, but this route is even more barren than its predecessor. Don't be surprised to lose cell service off and on out here.

Habitats: Grassland, Meadow, Savannah, Arid
Arciel's Estersand by Jae
Apr 11, 2020 12:14:07 GMT
The furthest south town in East Arciel, Hickory is very remote and secluded. Naysayers would say "emphasis on hick", but citizens of Hickory would call it quaint and cozy. They may not have all the latest tech and be up to date on all the new trends, but there's nothing wrong with a simple peaceful life, is there? The city gets very little traffic since Cycling Road was built.
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Stretching north and south between Maple and Hickory is the winding path known as Route 12. It is an extremely dry wasteland for most of the route, though the few scattered trees get a little more common the closer one gets to Maple, and city Pokemon sometimes wander down into the route.

Habitats: Savannah, Desert, Arid, Urban
Experimenting with Shadows by Jenesis
May 6, 2020 3:04:54 GMT
Heading east from Maple to Poplar is Route 13. The route cuts through the southern rim of the Sequoia Forest, though for some reason many of the trees out this way are dead, giving the route a dark and eerie vibe. There are even some pockets of swamp scattered across the route.

Habitats: Forest, Woodland, Jungle, Marsh
Banished Superstitions by Jae
Apr 2, 2020 1:57:28 GMT
This secluded town is the farthest east in all of Arciel. The town is filled with superstitions, and many believe that it is generally haunted. A fair number of buildings are boarded up and abandoned due to strange happenings within. Perhaps the town is simply home to its share of mischievous Ghost-types, but it is difficult to say for sure.
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This rough, rocky area is not well-carved and not advised to travel through without serious preparation. It requires a Ride Pokemon to carry the trainer through the area; however, one can be rented if needed. This is a Wild Area, and is automatically Tag- and Injury-Enabled.

Habitats: Arid, Desert, Rough, Mountain
Through the Badlands by Jae
Apr 7, 2020 22:41:17 GMT
Stretching east from Pine Town to the southern edge of the Endless Overpass are the Glowworm Caverns, named for the mysterious luminescent moss that grows inside. People and Pokemon that rub against the moss will glow as well for about an hour, meaning most Pokemon inside can be seen from a way off. For reasons unknown, the moss will not retain its glowing properties if taken outside of the caverns. A few narrow rivers run through some portions of the caverns, the water reflecting the glow from the moss.

Habitats: Cave, Freshwater, Rough, Mountain
Rock Hunting by Connor Tavarin
Jun 1, 2020 18:25:19 GMT
Accessible from either the Endless Overpass or, more commonly, from Route 10, this beautiful lake is something of a tourist attraction. It is not uncommon to see families camping on the northern end of the lake close to Route 10, although it is rarer to see anyone aside from the occasional hardcore trainer venture much farther than that due to the dangerous areas that border the lake to the west and south.

Habitats: Marsh, Freshwater, Waterfront
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Off the southern edge of Crystal Lake lies the legendary Dragon Den. Here, all manner of extremely powerful and rare Pokemon can be found. It is said that whatever mysterious power lies within has even transformed certain species into Dragon-types. This is a Wild Area, and is automatically Tag- and Injury-Enabled. Additionally, you must have a full party of Pokemon Lv30 or higher in order to be allowed to enter.

Habitats: Mountain, Rough, Cave, Freshwater, Dragon Den
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