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One account per character. Start with your OOC account and make an additional account per character. You can do this by clicking on the icon with a blue shirt person and a green shirt person in the bottom right corner.

If you wish to have your own characters interact with each other, you may post multiple characters from one account for convenience and better narrative flow. All characters will receive thread rewards so long as they are major participants in the thread, even if one account isn't posted from. However, all characters still do need separate accounts and separate PCs.

OOC accounts are allowed and encouraged, especially as your initial account. OOC icons should be a non-legendary, non-mythical Pokemon. Please and thank you! It's fine to have the same species of Pokemon as someone else so long as it's not the exact same picture.

IC account usernames should be your character's preferred first and last name as one word. Display names should be your character's preferred first and last name as well, although a nickname, middle name, or title is allowed in the display. By "preferred" name, we mean, as an example, the character who is legally named Jasper Johnson prefers going by Jazz, so his account and display names should be @jazzjohnson and Jazz Johnson respectively.

OOC account usernames should be your preferred OOC name. This should also be your Discord username.

When you register, you will receive credit for 5 "OOC Gems", a site currency which can be spent in your applications or at the Gem Shop to upgrade your characters in various ways. Your Gems are tracked in the Who's Who thread, to which you will be added when your first character is approved. Feel free to spend Gems on your first char though; just know you only have 5 to start. More can be earned through various events or milestones on-site later.


Three strikes and you're out.

Break a rule once, get a written warning in a PM.

Break a rule a second time, get a second, stricter warning, and a 72 hour ban from posting and messaging in the Discord.

Break a rule a third time, you will be asked to leave the site.

Sending threats to someone, using hate speech, attacking someone, or encouraging such actions will result in stricter warnings and, in many cases, can and will get you banned from the site.


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Mod Call

Whenever you need modding, simply post a link to your thread and a short description of what you need.
Looks like we're all caught up on modding right now!
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